Improv! With heels!

(also can we talk about how much I’m in love with this song)

The Warning— Neverending White Lights 



Simple little combo on the aerial hammock that I’ve been really loving lately. Kind of like a “wine glass” I guess… at least that is what I’ve been calling it. ;-)



Working on my climb yesterday. The goal is to get up without stopping while keeping my legs in a straight v.


Anonymous asked:

the silk dancing thing is SO HARD it takes years and years of practice but it is really rewarding in the long run

tom-sits-like-a-whore answered:

It’s just such a beautiful art form. I’m actually friends with tons of circus performers and aerial silk artists from Brooklyn’s sort of “underground” performance art scene (that makes me sound so hipster, I promise I’m not I just know a lot of people in the scene) and they’re all so badass. I’ve been to some shows that they do and aerial silk really calls to me. I don’t necessarily want to be Cirque du Soleil status or anything, I just think it would be a cool thing to introduce into my life. 



Hip key open drop



Our guest instructor has named this the “whirlypooh”


macherieinstagram asked:

Know of any good dupes for MAC's Embrace Me? :)

drugstoreprincess answered:


MAC Embrace Me (limited edition) - $14 [photo]

I don’t actually have Embrace Me, but it looks very similar in color to:


Wet n Wild MegaLast “Don’t Blink Pink” - $2 (matte)


Covergirl Lip Perfection “Spellbound” - $6 (not matte)

Sorry I couldn’t give you any exacts!  I wish that I’d gotten my hands on Embrace Me, I was too focused on trying to get Heroine and I missed out!  :(


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